Billionaire Boys Club × Ollie magazine T-shirts Contest SEMI GRAND PRIX

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Masa won a Semi Grand Prix in a T-shirt contest sponsored by Billionaire Boys Club and street fashion magazine Ollie magazine.
The third Ollie T-shirt design contest in August 2013. Pharrell Williams joined the jury, and the Billionaire Boys Club provided support. The number of entries has reached a record high, and more than 600 works have been applied from all over the world.


Pharrell Williams
Judge Comments:”He has a good sense of drawing a woman in a mirror. It creates a very good atmosphere. It’s super good!”

About Pharrell Williams

He is a music producer and singer, famous as a global fashion icon, and works as a creative director for adidas Originals and G-star. In recent years, as a brand ambassador of CHANEL, the collaboration collection is announced. And A world artist who has won the Grammy Award 11 crown.

As a member of The Neptunes, he has been producing since he was a teenager, providing music to many famous artists. He also worked on “Daft Punk / Get Lucky” and “Robin Thicke / Blurred Lines”, which became big hits in 2013.
He also worked on songs such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, and Miley Cyrus who won the first place in the US album chart, and won the 56th Grammy Award for “Best Producer Award” and a total of four crowns including two major divisions with Daft Punk.

His own album “GIRL” announced in 2014 won the first place in 12 countries in the world, and also won the 57th Grammy “Best Urban Contemporary Album”. The big hit single “Happy” included in the album “GIRL” won the first place in the US single chart for 10 weeks in a row. Recognized as the best-selling song in 2014, it also won the 87th Grammy “Best Pop Solo Performance”. In addition, it won first place in the UK and US annual singles charts, and in Japan it won the first place in the 2014 annual radio airplay chart, making both albums and singles a global hit.

He has also worked on a large number of films from 2016 to 2017, and soundtracks such as “Despicable Me 3” and “Dream” have been hit around the world along with the films.

About Billionaire Boys Club

A street brand launched by Pharrell Williams and NIGO in 2005. NIGO is famous as a founder of A BATHING APE and HUMAN MADE, and is called a legend all over the world. The shoe brand “Ice Cream” has also been launched in 2005.