CREPEMAN(DJ DARUMA) × Ollie magazine T-shirts Contest SEMI GRAND PRIX

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Masa won Semi Grand Prix at a T-shirt contest sponsored by DJ Daruma’s t-shirt brand “CREPEMAN” and Japanese street fashion magazine “Ollie magazine”.
This is the fourth Ollie T-shirt design contest. The jury members are DJ DARUMA, Japanese rapper DABO, Tatsuya Chiba. DJ DARUMA is active as a member of PKCZ after acting as DEXPISTOLS. The design theme of the contest is “monotone”.


DABO / Japanese Rapper
Tatsuya Chiba / The chief editor of Ollie magazine and GRIND magazine


After working as a member of DJ produce team “DEXPISTOLS”, he is currently contracted with LDH. Active as “PKCZ” with EXILE HIRO, DJ MAKIDAI, VERBAL form m-flow.
He also works for his own apparel brand “FULL-BK”.


T-shirt label “CREPEMAN” that started in earnest in 2011. The members of ORANGE CRUSH, Mr. BLUEMOON, GREEN-ONE, RED MALVORO and DJ DARUMA are in charge of the design. The graphic design of the T-shirt is monotone only and features a minimal lineup. He also ribbed CREPEMAN and started “FULL-BK” in 2015.