About Graphic Designer Masa

Masa is graphic designer and illustrator based in Japan.
In 2013, Won the Semi-grand prix at the “Billionaire Boys Club T-shirts Contest” judge by Pharrell Williams.
In 2014, Won the Semi-grand prix in the design contest for the apparel brand “CREPEMAN” produced by DJ Daruma(PKCZ).
In 2018, Won the “VANS ASIA CUSTOM CULTURE 2018” in the Japan area. Advance to the finals as Japan representative.
Other awards include several unique world views and designs.
Founder of MARC HARN.


Vans Asia Custom Culture Finalist – ASIA (2018)
Ollie magazine X Crepeman (DJ Daruma) T-shirts Contest / SEMI GRAND PRIX – JAPAN (2014)
Ollie magazine X Billionaire Boys Club T-shirts Contest (judge by Pharrell Williams) / SEMI GRAND PRIX – JAPAN (2013)
The 61th Gifu City Exhibition / NOMINATE – JAPAN (2008)
Prism Illustrators Selection / NOMINATE – JAPAN (2007)
The 64th Ichinomiya City Museum / NOMINATE – JAPAN (2006)
The 61th Gifu Pref Exhibition / ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD – JAPAN (2006)