About Graphic Designer Masa

Masa is graphic designer and illustrator based in Japan.
Founder of MARC HARN.


Vans Asia Custom Culture Finalist – ASIA (2018)

Ollie magazine X Crepeman (DJ Daruma) T-shirts Contest / SEMI GRAND PRIX – JAPAN (2014)

Ollie magazine X Billionaire Boys Club T-shirts Contest judge by Pharrell Williams / SEMI GRAND PRIX – JAPAN (2013)

The 61th Gifu City Exhibition / NOMINATE – JAPAN (2008)

Prism Illustrators Selection / NOMINATE – JAPAN (2007)

The 64th Ichinomiya City Museum / NOMINATE – JAPAN (2006)

The 61th Gifu Pref Exhibition / ENCOURAGEMENT AWARD – JAPAN (2006)