Vans Customade by Custom Culture Available now

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Vans Korea released the limited-edition collaboration sneaker, Customade by Custom Culture, on its popular custom service Vans Customs, which allows customizations to be made on classic models, Available now.

Vans Customs is a service that allows customizations to be made on enduring masterpieces including the Slip-On, Old Skool, Era, Authentic, and Sk8-Hi. Users can choose the design and material for each part including the upper area, heel, and sole. Users can also implement designs using images they upload.

This collaboration is based on the popular Slip-On and is a special model that includes updates on the design made at the Vans Asia Custom Culture 2018 held in Guangzhou, China in 2018.

The collaboration sneaker Customade by Custom Culture not only is purchasable, but also partially customizable using the users’ own designs. *The vamp (upper area) is not customizable.

Customade by Custom Culture available on Vans Kores Customs official website.

Customade by Custom Culture

Price: 89,000 won~
Sizes: US6.5 ~ US18.0 (Mens), US5.0 ~ US11.0(Womens)
Launch date: Available now.
Retailer: Vans Korea Customs Official Website( *This product does not ship to US.

About Vans Asia Custom Culture

Vans Asia Custom Culture is a designing contest where artists from Asia design a custom product starting with a white VANS shoe as the canvas.
In Vans Asia Custom Culture 2018, participants who made it through the preliminary round from Japan, Korea, China, Hong Kong, Philippines, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, India, Indonesia, and Singapore gathered in Guangzhou, China to engage in preparing a product for the final round.